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When violence calls


Latter-day attacks on Australia's beaches are scary. The inevitable question, which arises in any Scandinavian consciousness, is: Can it also happen here in Scandinavia, when only the snow melts?

The possible parallels to the riots in Paris have already been highlighted in the Aftenposten this week. But the more question is what is the limit that the majority here at home will allow attacks on innocent people in our midst.

The frightening thing is not that some young people with a Middle Eastern background are said to have attacked two lifeguards at Cronulla Beach in southern Sydney. The irrational and totalitarian threat to the order of the world community lies in the fact that as many as 5000 agitated white people on Sunday, a week later, gathered for a giant mob on the beaches. They were summoned by text messages on their mobile phones urging them to go to the beach to beat up "Lebs and wogs", racist slang for people with ancestors from Lebanon and the Middle East.

Behind the summons were among other right-wing extremist groups, also known as neo-Nazis.

The frightening thing is how many so-called "ordinary" Australians who in 2005 allow themselves to be seduced by the most primitive acts of revenge that the human race, and the mammal family, can muster. While shouting "No more Lebanese". . .

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