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Disables new thinking

YouTube, Wikipedia, vaccines, mp3 and p2p, genetically engineered plants and Google News; digitalization and international cooperation open up new opportunities for the distribution of culture and knowledge.


[knowledge battle] The battle questions are in line. Intermediaries, such as the music, publishing and software industries, are skeptical and are turning slowly. Would the illegal download of music have been just as extensive if the legal alternatives had come earlier?

The reason for the intermediaries' skepticism is that the development makes it possible to take care of both the creators and inventors on the one hand, and the users on the other – without the intermediaries having to be left with such a large piece of cake as today. Therefore, these industries respond with an ideological campaign for stricter legal and technological control – on the premises of intermediaries. One result is the development-hostile Trips Agreement, which, through patents on genetic material, deprives communities of the right to grow plants they have cultivated for generations.

In recent weeks, there have been several related debates here in Ny Tid. State Secretary Morten Wetland at the Prime Minister's. . .

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