Theater of Cruelty

No to heterosexual marriages


Now the heterosexuals have had to hold on long enough. In time immemorial, they have had to hold on. It is enough now. They got married and got married and got married.

And as a rule, they have divorced just as many times. The only thing all the marriage has done is several divorces. The fact is that over fifty percent differ.

But the reason why it is so low for now is that my generation has not yet divorced. Just wait until we start to divorce. Then you have to watch the statistics go. Divorce will go up to 75% maybe 85 as well. And the reason it will not reach 100 percent is that the heterosexual marries so quickly again that there will always be a 15-25% who is newlyweds, and before they can divorce, there is a new group of newlyweds living out the honeymoon days and don't have the realism enough to take the statistics in and finish this nonsense.

To get married is pure conservative nonsense. It is a theatrical ritual that strictly speaking means nothing more than that you burn off maybe a hundred thousand – and it should even be a cheap wedding. In Norway, it is fortunately not as bad as in the USA where people in gender tests ask if you have dreamed of a wedding, which "proves that you are a woman". Weddings are American women's biggest, only and most ultimate dream. It is of course inhibiting that women only gain value in the patriarchal links of marriage, preferably with his surname, to mark that she gives up status as her own independent individual, with her own independent name (from the father) and thus becomes the husband's property.

Obviously becoming a man's estate is obviously the biggest dream of American women. In Norway, this is not as bad. Even though I hardly know anyone who is getting married, I have hardly been to a wedding. In Norway, it is usually the Christian conservatives who get married. Others spend the money on some scent. If you have the money then. No, instead of wearing women's skirts and veils (hijab) as well as white dress to comment on her sexual status (which is rarely real, it becomes a fictitious marker), and further letting her father lead her, as her property, to her future husband so that she becomes his property, then we should leave the marriage to the gays.

Gays are not tainted with the narrow heterosexual gender roles that make any wedding a sad cliché. The gays can change the traditions, they can blow up the ridiculous character of the wedding from within and change the gender dichotomies. Those who oppose gay marriage are mostly the Christian conservatives who marry themselves and who applaud the marriage. That those who are so fond of marriage themselves will refuse others to marry is a mystery. If they really believe that marriage is so good for two who love each other, then why should two who love each other be denied? Let heterosexual marriages end. They have been practicing long enough. Yes to gay marriage.


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