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High North Policy

Norwegian interests in the northern areas should give way to internationally accepted rules with an emphasis on environmental safety and protection.


During the past year, we have seen a significant increase in the temperature in the Norwegian northern area debate. After a separate public inquiry was presented (Orheimutvalget 2003), the government of Bondevik finally presented a report to the Storting this spring. Declared goals were stronger focus and wider focus in the north. The Government Stoltenberg states in the founding document from Soria Moria that the Northern Territories will be the most important strategic focus area in the years to come. This emphasizes both the need for increased readiness and increased knowledge, and the red-green partners present two strategic ways to meet the challenges:

  • The Government will seek international acceptance for Norwegian views on Svalbard, fishing zone, oil and gas extraction and good environmental management
  • The Government will strengthen the people-to-people cooperation between Norway and Russia, involvement, information, and democratic participation in civil society, among other things through the Barents cooperation

Through recent dramatic events related to the trawler "Elektron", it is more than clear that Norway must also put the need for direct talks with Russian authorities on the management of the Northern Territory's resources at the top of its political agenda.

Dramatic perspectives

In very much of the media debate about the High North, it is the energy policy perspectives that are focused on. Not least has. . .

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