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"Norway has become a war nation" 

Philosopher Jon Hellesnes comments on Norway's contribution to NATO.

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"Norway is not a nation of peace, but has become a nation of war. It is just gossip to call Norway a nation of peace, "says Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, Jon Hellesnes, to Ny Tid.  

He is up to date with the lecture "NATO: An increasingly dangerous alliance", which takes place at the Literature House in Bergen on 5. October. According to Hellesnes, Norway ceased to be a peace nation in 1999, when Norway supported the war in Kosovo: "It was a war without a UN mandate," he says. 

"'The arms industry wants a permanent war. That's what they live on. ''

Hellesnes tells Ny Tid that the size of the Trident Juncture exercise in Norway indicates that Norway is an aggressive participant, in what he describes as «it. . .

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