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Mobilizes before Norway's largest military exercise 

Several mobilization meetings are now being organized against the NATO exercise Trident Juncture around Norway. "There is an increasing build-up of militarism in Europe, and it is dangerous," one of the peace activists told Ny Tid. 


Norway is the host country for the NATO exercise Trident Juncture, to be held in large parts of the country from 25. October to 7. November. Together with other Norwegian peace organizations, NATO member Striker NATO envisions an active fall:

"We will use the time ahead to mobilize larger protest markings that will take place in Trondheim on October 20, and in Bergen and Oslo on October 27," Hjelle told Ny Tid.

Stop NATO was founded as a result of the anti-war movement in the 2000s. . .

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Kaisa Ytterhaug
Ytterhaug is a freelancer in Ny Tid.

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