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Norwegian GATS requirements are deducted

Norway draws GATS requirements to many developing countries. Foreign Minister Gahr Støre made a statement in the Storting last week.


For over four years, the solidarity communities in Norway have demanded that Norway must demand free access to important service markets in developing countries. Closed doors are everything ATTAC, the Environment and Development Forum, the Development Fund and the Welfare Alliance have met.

But now Foreign Minister Gahr Støre states on behalf of the government that Norway withdraws all demands for free market access for services in LDCs, the world's fifty poorest countries. In addition, Norway withdraws all requirements for free market access to operate with water supply, power supply and higher education in all developing countries. The government will also publish an overview of which countries have received claims on which sectors. Everything is sensational – even outside Norway's borders.

Soria Moria gave hope

According to what was stated in the Soria Moria Declaration, it was possible to hope that some GATS requirements. . .

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