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New or steady course?

Does it have any purpose to change government? Will the Stoltenberg Government place more emphasis on environmental considerations and international solidarity than Bondevik?

In that case Minister of Petroleum and Energy Odd Roger Enoksen must not content himself with promising CO2 purification of gas-fired power plants eventually. He must dare to set a ceiling on the rate of recovery and the investment rate in Norwegian petroleum activities. Otherwise, Norway only contributes to increasing climate change. Minister of the Environment Helen Bjørnøy has not marked a visible interest in environmental protection. Will she be able to push up the coniferous forest protection as much as possible, within the narrow framework that Sp has set in the government declaration? Will there be actions or toothless plans that will save biodiversity? Is Minister of Finance Kristin Halvorsen interested in twisting taxation so that pollution becomes more expensive and environmentally friendly behavior cheaper? The plan has been in the drawer since 1996. Does she dare to embark on the sacred consumption growth, and ensure that resource consumption and environmental impact are reduced? Will Minister of Finance Halvorsen give Minister for Development Aid Solheim more than a per mille-level budget of oil-rich Norway's gross national income? Minister of Transport Liv Signe Navarsete's challenge will be to see more than a bridge span and. . .

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