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New movie president?

The unknown joker in the Republican primary is Ronald Reagen cloning Fred Thompson.


[usa] Ten candidates are currently fighting for the Republican Party nomination ahead of next year's presidential election. But the man with the highest expectations has still not thrown himself into the official fight: former Tennessee senator and actor Fred Thompson.

At the end of May it became known that he was planning an election campaign. And according to most party barometers, he is now as popular as the favorite so far, former New York mayor Rudy Guiliani. One poll from the prestigious Pew Research Center, taken up the first week in June, indicates that both have support from 37 percent of conservative core voters, despite the fact that 64-year-old Thompson is only half as well-known as Guiliani.

Norwegians will first and foremost recognize Thompson from the cinema, where he has distinguished himself in major films such as Cape Fear, The Hunt for Red October, and Days of Thunder. In the United States, however, he is best known from the television series Law & Order, where since 2002 he has lent his face to frontman Arthur Branch, a district attorney in New York.

Against gun control and abortion

But Thompson also has a broad political background. During eight years as a Tennessee senator, he made it a key point to compare himself to another actor who became a politician; the Republican idol Ronald Reagen.

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