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New Israel policy! Now!

Socialist Youth visited occupied Palestine this summer. The US here demands a red-green government to repeal Norwegian Middle East policy and take an active support role for the Palestinians.


Six delegates from SU attended a seminar with a Palestinian youth organization. We visited several cities on the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, where we gained an insight into the daily lives of Palestinians during occupation and their struggle for freedom. The circumstances testify to a failed peace process, an occupation force that is taking action without anyone intervening to prevent serious violations of international law and fundamental human rights.

If Norway wants a peaceful and viable solution to the Middle East conflict, the need for a change of strategy is urgent. Today, Israel is cementing an already existing apartheid system in the occupied territories. With American blessing, the establishment of a real Palestinian state, and in particular the refugees' right to return, is removed from the agenda.

For the past fifteen years, Norwegian Middle East policy has been based on the Oslo process. With the Labor Party at the helm, Norwegian diplomats took an active part. . .

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