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A small tug can overturn a large load, it is said. Now neither New Time nor US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice is a tue or a load, respectively, but the saying still seems relevant given this week's events.

Rice's European tour this week was summed up in this way on Thursday by the non – radical newspaper Financial Times: "CIA claims casts shadow over Rice's European visit."

The increasingly extensive revelations of CIA planes at European airports meant that she could hardly talk about anything else on her diplomatic journey. And here, in fact, little Ny Tid has had a role, we must believe, among others, CNN.

Ny Tid's revelation on 11 November, that a secret CIA plane took off from Gardermoen airport on 20 July this year, means that international media have been able to increase the pressure on Rice before the visit to Europe. The reason is that the CIA's Gardermoen aircraft flew directly to Le Bourget airport this summer. . .

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