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New spring for the comic book novel

On Saturday, Cartoon Day is celebrated in Norway, and the Oslo visit to the Frenchman David B. launches a new spring for translated quality series.


[comics] – David B. is an international giant, and the biggest comic book star who has visited Norway since Will Eisner visited the Raptus Festival in 2003. The English translation of the comic book novel L'Ascension du Haut-Mal (Epileptic in English) was named one of 2005's ten best books by the BBC and this year's second best cartoon

series of Time, says Morten Harper, president of the Norwegian Comics Forum (NTF).

During his visit to Oslo on Saturday, David B. will participate in exhibitions at the French Cultural Center and the Series Library at Grünerløkka, where he will also be presented in interview form. Epileptic is an autobiographical story about the family of David B., actually Pierre-Francois Beauchard, who revolves around his big brother's epilepsy and the dreams that make him an artist. The comic book novel has been named the fourth best untranslated. . .

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