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New New Time


Dear Reader: Welcome to a new chapter.

What you have in your hands now is a little piece of press history. Ukeavisa Ny Tid goes from tabloid to magazine informat.

At a previous historical event, when Ny Tids predecessor Orientering was founded on January 28, 1953, the first editor Sigurd Evensmo (1912-1978) printed the guidelines for the magazine. The introduction was as follows:

"Bladet Orientering aims to raise an open-minded debate on Norwegian foreign and domestic policy. Both in terms of enlightening substance and fresh opinion, many in Norway feel a need that the daily press does not fill. ”

This is a description of reality we agree with, almost on the day 53 years later. In the weeks and months to come, we hope to convince that we carry on the legacy in a good way and give it new power in the new New Age.

Today's release could only become possible after Tuesday's extraordinary general meeting, which by an overwhelming majority decided to make the newspaper entirely party-independent and free. With new owners we have a better opportunity to continue the tradition. Like Evensmo, we seek to have a global and international perspective, free of dogmatism. Our wish is to give you a little piece of the world, for good and for bad. It is our belief that national boundaries are of less importance. We will be global in our approach to politics and culture. It is also our opinion that the boundaries between politics and culture are fluid. Therefore, you will not find a division into domestic, foreign and cultural with us, but five departments that will give you knowledge and good reading experiences. In the Agenda section you can read about the week's big news issues. In Perspective we want to create the best of the news magazine's characteristic mix of background and reporting. IN Orienteringsection you can read essays, debate and classic texts from Orienterings history. In New Times, the focus is on the heavy political, economic and cultural trends that will shape the 21st century. In Gaid, we are leading the way in the cultural jungle, with emphasis on non-fiction and modern and international culture.

Good reading!

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