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New New Time

Dear Reader: Welcome to a new chapter.

What you have in your hands now is a little piece of press history. Ukeavisa Ny Tid goes from tabloid to magazine informat.

At a previous historical event, when Ny Tids predecessor Orientering was founded on January 28, 1953, the first editor Sigurd Evensmo (1912-1978) printed the guidelines for the magazine. The introduction was as follows:

"Bladet Orientering aims to raise an open-minded debate on Norwegian foreign and domestic policy. Both in terms of enlightening substance and fresh opinion, many in Norway feel a need that the daily press does not fill. ”

This is a description of reality we agree with, almost on the day 53 years later. In the weeks and months to come, we hope to convince that we carry on the legacy in a good way and give it new power in the new New Age.

Today's publication could only have been possible after Tuesday's extraordinary general meeting, which by an overwhelming majority decided to make the newspaper completely party – independent. . .

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