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In recent weeks, the temperature and heart rate in the editorial office have been several notches above the average. When the first edition of Ny Tid in a new costume and with new owners is sold in stores all over the country today, we have put a historic tug-of-war in Norwegian media history behind us. To some, it has emerged as the struggle for the soul of the left. Gradually, the battle has most clearly proved to be a generational battle. And as the cultural editor of a major newspaper dryly said to me the other day: In generational conflicts, there is never any doubt about who is right… Here in the house, we are at least happy that the "youth" coup Orientering after the trial number in December 1952 so that Sigurd Evensmo became editor of the first regular edition on February 19, 1953.

Since it became known that the publisher Damm would take over Ny Tid, some older SV members have run a campaign. . .

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