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New aircraft over Norway

Two days after the CIA aircraft "N88ZL" took off from Guantanamo Bay with a course for Afghanistan, it was in Norwegian airspace.


[CIA mission] Norwegian airports and Norwegian airspace are used by aircraft that can be linked to secret CIA operations. Avinor's communications director Ove Narvesen confirms to Ny Tid that a new CIA aircraft has flown over Norwegian territory. The plane was most likely on a CIA mission. The overflight was not cleared by the Norwegian authorities, who have previously criticized the United States for not complying with international conventions in connection with the detainees at the Guantanamo base. Neither Olav Akselsen, chair of the Storting's Foreign Affairs Committee, nor the US State Department has responded to inquiries from Ny Tid in connection with the case.

- Unfortunately, we have no information about this aircraft, says press contact at the American embassy in Oslo, Ellen Sporsdøl.

In recent months, Ny Tid has uncovered a number of such aircraft in Norwegian airspace, including a CIA aircraft that landed at Gardermoen on 20 July. . .

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