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About being informed from South Africa


Audun Lysbakken (SV) was particularly active in the previous Storting in raising demands for transparency about Norwegian GATS requirements. From a debate in 2003 we cut down:

"The debate we have here was put in a somewhat special light some time ago when the South African Minister of Education in the South African Parliament presented information that we here in the Storting have not been aware of until now, namely that South Africa had received demands from Norway and three other countries to open up competition within their higher education services. The Foreign Minister characterized the demands received as potentially destructive to the South African education system.

This information thus emerged in a debate in the South African parliament, without us in the Norwegian Storting having ever heard of it. It shows the situation we have ended up in in relation to the GATS negotiations. We who are elected in Norway must therefore be informed about our country's positions through the debate abroad. ”

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