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Revamp for Port Directive

The EU Ports Directive aims to provide cheaper loading and unloading of ships – but tears away the basis for solidarity between dock workers and seafarers.


For two weeks, the European Parliament's transport committee turned its thumb down for a new port directive proposal. The majority was rightly scarcely possible, 24 against 23. The Social Democrats, the Left Socialists and the Greens voted no, but would have lost the vote if they had not been followed by a couple of British Conservatives.

Over the New Year, the directive will be debated in parliament in parliament – where the previous version of the directive was stopped two years ago. It came as a great surprise to anyone who was not aware of the efforts made by port and transport workers across Europe to stop it.

And a rare victory

In December 2003, the left in the European Parliament won one of its few victories. Then a proposal from the EU Commission for a port directive was voted down – in a vote with a clear right-left pattern. That should have meant a clear right-wing majority. . .

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