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Evil blood in Groruddalen

The Norwegian free newspaper war is underway. It is hottest in the Groruddalen in Oslo.


[media] – There is no conflict in this.

Hjalmar Kielland is the editor of Akers Avis Groruddalen in Oslo, which has been the valley's undisputed local newspaper since taking over the helm in 1958. But on January 13 last year, a competitor registered on the course: Lokalavisen Groruddalen, owned by the then Orkla Media and distributed free in 58.500 copies a day a week.

Since then, the mood has been at the freezing point. Kielland immediately went to court to prevent the competitor from using "Groruddalen" in the title, but lost. And this fall, figures from TNS Gallup showed that the newcomer had the most readers for the first time, 45.000 against Aker Avis Groruddalen's 37.000.

- No, there is no conflict substance in this, and I would take it badly if Ny Tid tried to construct something like this, Kielland continues.

I have called the editor because I wonder when the events on Veitvetdagen. . .

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