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Tom Harald Jenssen, CEO of Damm, has great faith in the development opportunities for Ny Tid as an independent and modern news and commentary. He says that Damm wants to continue the tradition from Finn Gustavsen and Sigurd Evensmos with an acquisition Orientering.

- Damm wants to contribute in terms of resources and strategy to this tradition being continued. Avisa will be provided with resources to be able to realize the editorial staff's offensive plans in an exciting changing newspaper market, Jenssen explains.

Over the past ten years, Damm has evolved from being a publishing house with more niche-based publications in fact books and children's books to a wide publishing house with publications in all genres. Annual sales increased from NOK 49 million in 1995 to NOK 590 million in 2005.

Throughout this period, the publisher has invested purposefully and long-term. This thinking is behind last year's establishment of the literary magazine power Zone and Damm's acquisition of Vagrant. It is also behind our desire to transcend New Time.

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