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SV's Bjørn Jacobsen calls for an independent investigation of Norway's role in the Bosnia war after the Ny Tid revelations. Conservative Inge Lønning criticizes Stoltenberg's lack of remorse.


- I follow this case very closely.

This is stated by Thorbjørn Jagland, head of the Storting's Foreign Affairs Committee, via the Labor Party's political adviser Stein Hernes. However, Jagland does not at this time want to comment on the party and former UN mediator Thorvald Stoltenberg's role in the Bosnia war.

For his part, Bjørn Jacobsen (sv), a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee, is clear in his desire for an independent examination of Norway's role in the 1995 Sbrebrenica massacre and the Bosnia war 1992-1995.

The background is the description that in a Dutch investigation report is directed at Stoltenberg. In last week's edition, Ny Tid reported that Stoltenberg's choice as UN mediator was described as "unfortunate", partly because he was generally regarded as a "Serbian supporter". On July 29, Ny Tid also revealed that a Norwegian colonel was in command of the Dutch UN forces when the Sbrebrenica massacre occurred. . .

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