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Open letter to the Government


The Norwegian Nobel Committee has this year given the Peace Prize to Mohamed ElBaradei and the IAEA for the fight against nuclear weapons. Another one, who has been our candidate for the Peace Prize in recent years for the same cause, is Mordechai Vanunu, the Israeli nuclear engineer who revealed that Israel was developing nuclear weapons. For this civil disobedience, he was sentenced to 18 years in prison. In 12 of them he sat in almost total isolation on a small unit cell. The fact that the man survived such an abuse mentally indicates rare soul strength. Today, Vanunu has house arrest and restricted freedom of movement after the termination of atonement. He also has no freedom of speech and the right to speak to foreign media. He has been arrested several times for violating these orders.

Vanunu is today a symbol for the fight against nuclear weapons. He has stated that he would like to emigrate, to be sentenced to Norway, but he is denied by the government in Israel. He has nevertheless applied for asylum in Norway, but the application was rejected by the latest Bondevik government.

We ask here that the case be taken up again by Dykk and that they engage in dialogue with Israeli authorities so that Vanunu can travel from Israel and coma to Norway. Earlier, Dykkar members Åslaug Haga, Sp and Kristin Halvorsen, SV supported the request for asylum for Vanunu.

We mean that Norway has a special responsibility in this matter since Norway at the time supplied heavy water and equipment so that Israel could develop nuclear bombs.

Renter Kjell Jamne for Haugesund SV.

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