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Settlement hour

Norway demands nine million kroner after embassy promotion. The counterclaim from an Egyptian party is two billion.

[replacement settlement] The caricature drawings of Prophet Muhammad were first published in the Danish Jutland Post and then in the Norwegian Christian newspaper Magazinet in February this year. As a result, the embassies in Syria and Iran and other property belonging to the two Nordic countries were regularly attacked.

After four months of diplomacy and reconciliation, a financial settlement is quietly taking place after the Muhammad uprising. Perhaps more surprisingly, there is also demand for compensation from the rebels.

Immediately after the attack on the Norwegian embassy in Damascus on February 4, Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre announced that compensation claims would be made against Syria.

Now Ny Tid can bring further details about the Norwegian claim for compensation to the public: According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), the Norwegian claim against Syria is exactly NOK 8.794.835. The claim against Iran after the rampage of the Norwegian embassy in Tehran is far more modest 69.100 kroner.

However, the slightly over 8,8 million Norway has claimed in damages fade against claims for damages Norway has met in the caricature case.

In Egypt, the political party Young Egypt (Misr El-Fatah) has sued Norway, Denmark and France for a total of just over NOK XNUMX billion.

- It is completely unacceptable that a case is brought against Norway due to the cartoons, all the time there is freedom of the press. . .

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