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Rebellion or fifth wheel on the wagon?

SV's starting point for the Soria Moria negotiations is a decline from twelve to eight percent. The party leadership can thank itself.


Whoever has emerged as the Storting's rebel is not at all SV, as it should have been, but Carl I. Hagen. Not primarily because FrP wants to spend money that is ours, but because all other parties hold the same money so close to their chest that one would almost think it was their own. Given that over half of the voters decided in the past four weeks, there is, ironically, much to suggest that FrP is sailing on a left wave.

The Soria Moria dreams gave the SV leadership an election campaign strategy that involved being so close to the Labor Party that the voters preferred the original. And despite its contradictions, the FrP has therefore come to the table in every election debate. Those who have above all set the table are Halvorsen. . .

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