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Oslo is the home of the pop and rock museum

There is only one good location of a national center for popular music. The choice should be simple. Here are ten reasons why.


The battle for the location of the national center for Norwegian popular music is located between Oslo and Trondheim. It stands between a proposal initiative from the environment itself and an initiative from two politicians in Trondheim. In the Schous quarter in Oslo, the center will be a mainstay in the most comprehensive cultural quarter in the Nordic region, and thus gain great national significance. Here, the center for Norwegian popular music will be part of a larger business cluster of different cultural actors where the opportunities for collaboration and synergies will be completely unique. A possible political decision to take the center for Norwegian popular music out of this business cluster will be a cultural-political fad of dimensions. The Oslo alternative is also by far the most affordable alternative, and can free up funds for several very good regional initiatives. . .

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