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Over Norway to Guantanamo

Ten prisoners can be placed in Norwegian airspace on their way to the Guantanamo camp in Cuba.


[Prisoner transport] An American aircraft with the symbol "N88ZL" had, according to Ny Tid's experience, ten prisoners on their way to Guantanamo on board when it passed through Norwegian airspace early in the morning of 21 September 2004. Norwegian authorities claim they have not received information about the prisoner transport in question.

The information about the prisoner transport can be found in a press release from the US Department of Defense on September 22, which states that ten prisoners were flown from Afghanistan to Guantanamo.

Only "N88ZL" can be directly linked to both Guantanamo and Bagram in the days and the week before September 22.

The venerable Boeing 707 took off from Washington Dulles Airport early that morning. . .

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