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Island War in the Arctic Ocean

Few have heard of it, no one lives there, but in the last couple of weeks Hans Island has created fierce political strife between Canada and Greenland / Denmark.


In one of the world's coldest and most inaccessible areas, the island of Hans lies in the Arctic Ocean between Greenland and Canada. It is uninhabited and is only 1,3 km2. In Greenlandic it has been named Tartupaluk.

Both Canada and Greenland claim the island. Its significance today is mostly symbolic, but global warming has gained a foothold at the top political level. Tartupaluk may prove to be of strategic importance both in connection with the battle for resources in the Arctic, but what the parties seem particularly concerned about now is the possibility that in a few years it will be possible to sail north of Canada and out into the Pacific. For ship traffic will. . .

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