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On spiritual view

Two days is all you need to get around the biggest religions in the world. But how high is it really under the roof?


[religion] We dare not take tape measure and ladder, but ask so easily:

- And how many meters is it to the roof?

We have invited ourselves to a demonstration in the five world religions – while there is burning and war in and around Israel – the holy land for Jews, Muslims and Christians. We who stumbled and lingered away from childhood for a while back will look at facilities in Oslo, offers, feel the doors, how open they are, and so; distance to the roof.

Sky roof

The first thing we look up is Majorstuen church. Blue roof, beautiful, like ocean, like sky.

- Is it heaven?

- Yes, it should mimic sky, you see the stars and…

General manager Knut Sørheim points out. It is eleven o'clock, church time, but not Sunday, just empty, clean, square. Here everyone is allowed in, here is a Friday service for the gays in the Open Church group, in addition to Sunday services also weddings, funerals,. . .

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