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On mortal mission from Allah

Who are these suicide bombers who are sacrificing their faith, while trying to kill as many unbelievers as possible?

The Iranian professor Farhad Khosrokhavar has interviewed imprisoned Islamist terrorists, and in the book "Suicide Bombers – Allah's New Martyrs" he places the phenomenon in a social and historical context.

The book distinguishes between two types of Islamist martyrs: those from poor countries who live completely cut off from modernity, and those from the middle-class diaspora in the big cities of the West. The author has interviewed 15 al-Qaeda sympathizers who were in French prisons in April 2001. Here he found none of the archaic mentality that characterizes the suicide bombers in Iran, Lebanon and Palestine, but they could not be characterized as "victims of modernity". They were all well versed in Western culture and spoke up to six languages. Most had a university degree, many in mercantile and technical subjects. Many were married. . .

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