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On the way to Israel

The government is now actively working for Norwegian companies to deliver parts to the new US fighter aircraft JSF. 100 of the fighter planes will be sold to Israel. If these aircraft contain Norwegian parts, it contravenes Norwegian law.


[fighter aircraft] In recent weeks, there has been hectic activity between Norway and the US to ensure that Norwegian companies receive delivery agreements for the prestigious new fighter aircraft project F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. Ministry of Defense Secretary of State Espen Barth Eide has been in talks with the world's largest weapons company, Lockheed Martin in the US, who is responsible for the development of the aircraft.

Now the new government has launched a lobbying campaign against US players to secure a Norwegian industrial package in the Joint Strike Fighter as well. Industry and trade unions are cheering, and the government has been lauded for leadership in VG for its efforts.

But there is a catch to these agreements. In November last year, Israel was included in the JSF project. . .

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