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In a situation where Norway's national interests in the Svalbard zone are at stake, and where Norway is pressured – not least by the EU – Erna Solberg chooses party tactics rather than defending Norway. It's sensational! In a comment in VG 24.11., The Conservative leader manages to say that "Norway would receive Svalbard support if we were an EU member". Hair-raising of one who has set himself the goal of being prime minister of this country. In a situation where most legal experts, lead writers (see for example Aftenposten same day (EU on the wrong track) and political analysts agree that Norway has a good cause, that the Government stands bravely and clearly for Norwegian interests, and that the EU and Spain has run into a dead end, the Conservative leader puzzles in from the side with his cry in the woods: "Norway must become a member of the EU to gain influence".

Maybe also Right should take a trip into the think tank? I would like to quote Aftenposten's leader: “The EU's common fisheries policy has so far been a continuous disaster. The North Sea has been virtually depleted of fish, fishing grounds in Ireland and Scotland are being overfished, and fishing communities in the United Kingdom have been closed down. Spanish and Portuguese fleets. . .

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