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Money's price


Norwatch has this week put the spotlight on yet another important dark spot in the Norwegian public. The independent and source-critical website, which the Future holds in our hands, announced that the Nobel Foundation may be behind very problematic investments in the international stock market.

In the worst consequence, the Peace Prize can thus be financed by cluster bombs. And it would be an irony of fate, perhaps especially this year, when Mohamed ElBaradei and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) come to Oslo next weekend to receive this year's Peace Prize. In that case, the Nobel Committee would give one hand and bring the other.

It should be said that it is not possible to determine with certainty what the Nobel Foundation has invested its three billion Swedish kroner in. And that is precisely the core of the problem. The foundation refused to disclose to Norwatch which companies the money managers invest.

The problem lies in both the secrecy and the consequences of the secrecy – by creating doubts about the legitimacy of the Peace Prize.

Admittedly, the director of the Nobel Foundation, Michael Sohlman, went to Dagsavisen on Monday and denied weapons investments:

- The companies related to the production of nuclear weapons. . .

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