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- PFU does not consider ethics

The Press's Academic Committee ignores ethics and only considers technology, says Paul Bjerke.

[Media] The press dismisses discussions about priorities, choice of topics, choice of sources and angles with the phrase "we have made a journalistic assessment", which is meant to tell lay people that they should shut up. That doesn't hold, says Paul Bjerke, a fellow in press ethics at Volda University College.

Sweden has a public press ombudsman and Denmark has its own press law. In Norway, we still have a self-adjustment scheme, the Press's Professional Committee (PFU), where the press itself assesses whether the press has committed an ethical violation. A number of controversial decisions in the PFU lately are questioning whether this scheme works.

In an article on page 30 in this issue of Ny Tid, Paul Bjerke says that PFU simply does not take a position on ethics. Thus, it will only be purely craft-related, or technical assessments left, Bjerke believes and points out the recent acquittal of VG's front page in the Valla / Yssen case, as an example.

Odd Isungset, head of PFU, disagrees.

- In that case, we related to the complaint, which was mainly about whether there was coverage for the front page reference, and that was it. We believe it is impossible, both for VG and for PFU, to take a position. . .

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