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Pimp my planet

Could it be a contagious effect from the climate debate to the global redistribution debate?


[Contagious effect] California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger appeared last week on "Pimp my Ride", MTV's car mechanic program. Host Xzibit and chief executive Mad Mike took on an almost scrapped 1965 model Chevrolet Impala, and pimped it beyond recognition. Pimping means styling the car as lavishly as possible, with chrome, wide rims and a giant music system. This was the "Pimp my Ride" climate special, so the Impala was to have a bio-diesel engine. Mad Mike specially built a new engine that became so large that the hood had to be raised many centimeters to make room. When the job was done, they tested the Impala against a brand new Lamborghini on a racing track, and do you think you did not chase me that. . .

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