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Plundering Norwegian nature

The power companies' extreme drainage of Norwegian lakes causes unsightly wounds in the landscape. Worse, biodiversity is being compromised. The low level of water in Norwegian waters is because politicians have given up control, critics believe. They accuse Statkraft of environmental crime.


[water magazines] «Bike on Hardangervidda takes you through beautiful and wild high mountain nature. Hardangervidda is Norway's largest national park, and guarantees you unique nature experiences in a clean environment. Many good fishing lakes along the road can tempt you with trout and char if you bring your fishing rod. ”

This is how Norwegian nature is marketed to tourists. It is a glossy image that does not correspond to reality. Harald Kvålen, one of the landowners by the Langesæ lake in Vinje in Telemark, shows what the tourist brochures do not say. The areas around the reservoirs in the area are characterized by large areas of gray-brown and dried-up soil that should. . .

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