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The popcorn films won

The Norwegian film year 2006 has been about Kafka, popcorn and gender voting. Ny Tid reviews the film year that passed.


[movie] Measured in cinema visits, 2006 is the second best year for Norwegian film in 30 years, only passed by Buddy and Elling year 2003. And then something happened this year, what good? It is so with waves that one does not quite see what they bring with them until they retire, but 2006 can bring Norwegian film further up on land. Give a chance to get dry on your feet, behind your ears.

That doesn't mean that not stupid things have been done this year either.


The premiere speeches of thanks have been long. Reviewers have, for the most part, been happy, the price spike has not yet subsided. The quality has ranged from slightly pretentious, but unsurpassably elegant Reprise, to the almost turkey Cold feet. Between these one can quickly draw a scale, there is no question of more than 13 long-, adult-, and. . .

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