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The Century of Psychopaths

The 20th century politics was dominated by several psychopaths. The book Political Psychology combines the studies of the psyche of Hitler, Stalin and Mao with an assessment of how people generally experience extreme political situations.

It was Adolf Hitler's takeover of power in the Democratic elections in 1932 that formed the starting point for "political psychology" as an academic direction. The researchers were not only interested in Hitler's own confused mind, but also the mental state of the masses. How could the majority, and later the Riksdag, choose to put democracy aside by what is termed "constitutional suicide"?

Hitler's parade case

Nils Johan Lavik and Nora Sveaass, psychiatrist and psychologist respectively, lead their own disciplines together with disciplines such as law and political science. They are far from the first to do this, and they go through a thorough methodology chapter through classic books in this cut. The most famous is The authoritarian personality from 1950, written by, among others, Theodor Adorno, and based on psychoanalytic thinking. Later combinations of individual and group psychology provide a tentative answer to the question of the "parade case" Hitler's path. . .

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