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Putin's swamp

Shadow state. Murder, Mayhem, and Russia's Remaking of the West
Forfatter: Luke Harding
Forlag: HarperCollins, (UK)
RUSSIA: This is a type of crime that has merged with political misrule up to a level where democracies are threatened in their foundations.

"Do you know what Trump is doing? He washes Putin's ass. He does everything for little Vladi that little Vladi can not do himself: piss on European unity, piss on human rights, piss on NATO. Assures us that Crimea and Ukraine belong to the Holy Russian Empire. "
John le Carré, fra Agent running in the field (2019)

There is not much, one might think, that separates a spy thriller significantly from life otherwise, apart from a few actual details. As the thriller genre, professional espionage has followed the general modernization of society. Spies no longer hide in dark alleys with the fold. . .

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Ranveig Eckhoff
Eckhoff is a regular reviewer for Ny Tid.

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