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Ranveig Eckhoff

Eckhoff is a regular reviewer for Ny Tid.

Dommer Giovanni Falcone – Cosa Nostras nemesis

MAFIA: Giovanni Falcone, this inspiration with the dark mustache and the winning smile, lived to be only 53 years old. He is a stalwart in the fight for the values ​​most people say they stand for. Perhaps Roberto Saviano writes about him precisely to recall the extent of the sacrifice, its motive, its achievements, and what qualities are required. He should know this himself.

The freedom struggle, in all its forms

USA: According to OECD statistics, less than a third of the American population has confidence in their government. From ethnic conflicts, a recently amended abortion law and widespread violence – the gun lobby is still fighting for the freedom to kill, even though the majority in the US wants more restrictive gun laws. Is the trade-off between freedom and security a failure?

Why do we always ask why men commit acts of violence, instead of asking why they don't?

FEMICID: Murders of women do not only occur structurally and not only based on misogynistic motives – they are also largely trivialized or go unpunished.

A mental and military turning point

GERMANY: How 'war-ready' should a country be? With a number of top positions in international politics, crisis management and security, security expert Carlo Masala is regarded as an undeniable authority in the field.

A kind of creative primal cry

USA: What does it mean to be an American? Who are they, how did they get to where they are today, where have they left cultural traces? Here we see the voices of the civil rights movement that inspired the hippies in the 70s, the champions of gay rights and feminists for several generations.

The animals in our world of fables and symbols

NATURE:How the world has looked from the animals' point of view – how mammals, reptiles, insects, birds and fish have reacted to us – has been absent from our imaginary world. When nature seemed threatening, it had to be fought.

A mother's life and passion: Anna Politkovskaja

RUSSIA: Anna Politkovskaya's daughter: "My greatest wish is to experience Russia as a flourishing, free and developed country, not desolate, poor and militarized."

Organic land use?

NATURE: >/b>Europe is warming faster than anywhere else on the planet. In order for an ecological balance to be achieved on the globe, at least 30 percent of the landmass and ocean – which due to human activity is no longer intact – must be reclaimed. Agricultural researchers predict: Farmers will in the future return to organic land use – or have to give up. They can build solar plants. They can grow reeds, which are suitable for environmentally friendly insulation materials, packaging, building materials or energy raw material.

Russia's race to the bottom

THE OIL STATE: In this book, Alexander Etkind states that Russia is the least equal, the most militarized and the most carbonized of all the world's major countries.