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Fuzzy tongue talk

The Norwegian government is helping to push the Palestinians right into the embrace of Islamism.

[21. April 2006] On Wednesday, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas comes to Oslo and talks with Jens Stoltenberg. By then, hopefully, the Norwegian government has finally decided how to deal with the democratically elected government of the Palestinians.

Foreign Ministry statements in recent weeks have caused more confusion than clarification, and testify to a cowardly and unclear attitude to what is actually a demonstrative political decision: cutting Norwegian support for the Palestinian Authority. The government speaks with a heavy tongue when Jonas Gahr Støre and Erik Solheim try to reassure their respective voters and the ministry they share at the same time.

The result is that no one really knows whether the government intends to continue the financial support of the Palestinian government when the next payment is due in May.

When the government signals that it will join the United States and the European Union in stopping transfers, it contributes to the Palestinian government becoming economically dependent on states such as Iran and Russia. When the West stops the transfers, the Islamists in Iran come in support. Russia responded with promises of financial support and equally clear demands, connected. . .

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