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Does not affect forced marriage

The age limit on marriages will only slightly affect forced marriages, figures from Statistics Norway show.

[bill] The government is in the pipeline with a new immigration law. Among the announced measures against forced marriage is an age limit for transnational

21 years of marriage if the bride or groom is from countries outside the EU and EEA.

Statistics Norway has calculated how many Norwegians with immigrant backgrounds may be affected by an age limit of 21 years, or the alternative limit of 24 proposed by the Progress Party.

The figures reveal that there are very few. Only 39 Norwegians with Pakistani backgrounds under 21 married Pakistanis who had not previously settled in Norway in 2004, of which twelve were girls. The corresponding figure for Norwegian-Turks was 33, for Norwegian-Iraqi 17.

A total of 250 Norwegians with immigrant backgrounds aged 18-20 entered into marriage with foreigners in 2004. Otherwise, a number of Norwegians with immigrant backgrounds entered

marriage to foreigners from European countries and the United States. If you increase the age of the spouses to 24, you can see that 576 marriages were made between Norwegians with immigrant background and foreigners in 2004.

Thailand tops the statistics on land Norwegians get spouses from, but it is. . .

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