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REACH – what is it now?

We are increasingly surrounded by chemicals that threaten our health. It should do something about REACH. The danger is that REACH is rescued that gave birth to a mouse.


There is disturbingly little we know about how various chemicals affect the environment around us – and ultimately our own body. Each of us has no opportunity to orientate ourselves in the flood of – partly contradictory – health information. The bodies – public and private – which have the task of notifying about hazardous chemicals, do not have a sound overview of the flood of chemicals. There are also only a few of the chemicals that are known today to have the effects of, especially not the long-term effects on the environment and health.

It has been a long time since it became clear that "old" environmental toxins such as PCBs and DDT are part of Arctic food chains and are collected in birds, animals and people who live there – despite the fact that these chemicals have been used. . .

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