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The revolution that froze

The revolution that froze


[Belarus] – Shivje Belarus, Shivje Belarus! ("Long live Belarus!"), Shout the cold protesters. On the morning of Wednesday 22 March, several thousand people stood in October Square, in the center of Minsk. Under the old white and red flag – not the president's green – they are calling for freedom ("svoboda").

For several days they have defied the bitterly cold weather, and several have set up tents in the middle of the square.

The weather has come as a surprise to most Belarusians. On Monday, March 20, the largest Belarusian newspapers wrote that "nature did counter-revolution" the day before, when a heavy snowstorm hit the protesters.

- God supported the Belarusian people, said the re-elected president, Alexander Lukashenko, about the cold weather that had. . .

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