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Tear raving reggae

Europe has had its own reggae scene with steaming club nights and discs.


[music trend] Join us back at last year's Roskilde Festival. Lead-heavy reggae rhythms emerge from the second-largest stage, where Copenhagen's own Bikstok Smoke system fills the tent with twice as many spectators as the "world's most important rock band", Sonic Youth. The crowd rejoices as the tunes from the hit "Cigar" rattle, and Blow B spouts its absurd rhymes:

I gave you a watch and a fun ride

But you said bumbiddi-bye-bye

Now I live in a Hong Kong Chinese hotel

And I live off the lard of a seal

- Roskilde was completely wild, and there was a lot of hype around us at that time. Now we will make new music, so that people do not get tired of us, says Blæs B, alias Lasse Bavngaard.

He was a rapper in the influential hip-hop group Malk De Koijn before announcing the transition to dancehall and reggae.

Germany is leading

Blow B, Pharfar and Eaggerman in the Bikstok Smoke System are by far the most successful Danish growth on the growing European reggae tree. The debut album Over cane and stone has passed 25.000 sold, and in most European countries similar groups are emerging as missionaries for reggae and dancehall in the form of steamy club nights and their own records.

At the tamp of 2005, German Germaican gave

Records out Rodeo Europe, a compilation featuring 20 European artists from 20 different

countries – reggae superpowers such as France and England side by side with mini-putters such as Finland, Serbia, Estonia, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Austria – and Jørgen «Jørg-1» Nordeng from Ørnes in Nordland. Through Tungtvann and the DJ duo Raggabalder Riddim Rebels, he is one of the most eager reggae missionaries in Norway, and he also knows the development well elsewhere in Europe.

- Traditionally, reggae has been strongest in England, with its large Jamaican population, but now France and Germany are following suit.

In France, reggae stands strong among the country's many Caribbean immigrants, while in Germany it may seem that the scene has sprung from the punk and sham environments.

- In contrast to France and England, there is a clear predominance of white players in Germany.

Gentleman, the world's largest white reggae

artist, is of course from Germany, and is also the foreign artist. . .

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