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The rock takes on a bookshelf

Novels written by rockers are close to the publishers' lists this year. – Rock'n'roll has taken over going to sea for young men. The rockers themselves have taken the tattoos from the sailor, says rocker and author Sverre Knudsen.

The Lijord in Bærum, 1971: “It was the music that shaped me. More than poems and novels, more than pamphlets and leaflets, news and politics, more than parents and school, hopeless crushes and robberies with comrades. It was the one I was filled with every time I went out into the world to find excitement and happiness, and it was the one I would wait for back to lick wounds or celebrate one or the other victory. ”

Such is the life of the teenager Freddi, as described by the author Sverre Knudsen in the recent novel Sugar cravings. Freddi is torn between childhood and adulthood, AKP (ml) and Young Right, the arts and working life, intoxication and everyday life. And Freddi talks about the music that changed his life; Jim Reeves, Roxy Music and Sex Pistols. Sverre Knudsen is not Freddi, but right here they agree 100 per cent.

- Pop music is much more serious than it sounds, and this book takes place at a time when the relationship to music was much more. . .

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