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Rocker censorship

At the Midi Festival, China's biggest rock festival, you should not sing about Tibet or genitals.


[beijing] One minute left! Frederik and the manager feverishly tap the underpants on Frederik's skirt with fork tape. The Danish garage rock band Rock Hard Power Spray is going on stage during the Midi Festival in Beijing. Last year, Frederik completed 120 games with his pants pulled down over his back. His style demands it.

But showing the romp to an audience of 16.000 Chinese violates the censorship rules, at least as he interprets them. That is why he has spent the whole afternoon getting hold of tape to keep the underpants in place at least. He carries Denmark's future music exports on his 22-year-old butt balls this evening, guitarist Frederik Valentin.

- Shit, end the roll, it's not enough!

With half his back in tape, Frederik goes on stage.

Rock Hard Power Spray's concert will be a touchstone on how the Chinese. . .

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