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Clean less – pul more

An absolutely essential mommy book.


[mothers] It's not exactly a shortage of mommy books. A well-stocked bookstore with respect for its customers should be able to offer a very small mountain of books about children in the stomach and the skinny with children, as well as a medium sized village of self-help guides on what you do before, during and after the child-in-the-stomach condition .

In addition, there is an ever-increasing number of websites with mother-and-child-friendly content, where future mothers can read about and debate everything from the latest screams in stroller design to whether cloth or paper diapers hold the best content, as well as being updated on the very latest news in the field of crib death research. The problem for Norwegian pregnant women is rarely that they are underinformed, rather the opposite.

Beautiful and laughter roaring

In the midst of the flood of information, the Big Studio girlfriends and two-child mothers Anne Lindmo and Helle Vaagland have thrown out what at first glance might look like a sudden cheerful-like-it-is-really book about becoming a mum in our urbanized, career-hunted, time-squeezed era. Lindmo and Vaagland switch to writing short, direct, thoughtful, beautiful, sometimes laugh-roaring chapters about suffocating nausea, about partying without fills, about the necessity of baby lollipops. About the inevitable inequalities, about the pervasive injustice of biology. About being an equal parenting team on the birthplace when one is safe, but terrified, in the trench and watching while the other is hit hard by a cannonball.

Both Lindmo and Vaagland write encouragingly well, here language and phrases are suitable for prying the smile out of even the most morning-weary career-goer. . .

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