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Lila Downs invites you to a wonderful, moist party.

[mexico] When I hear Mexican Lila Downs singing, I feel the smell of sunny grass and heavy perfume, the taste of chili and cigar, the sight of big-flowered dresses and black shawls. The feeling of a past and present that glides into each other. Some parties I should have been to, some dances I should have danced on high heels, even though I can't. Some boundaries that do not exist.

This year's record, La Cantina, is the sixth in a row, considering the soundtrack to the film Frida. And you certainly should. Who else could have transformed Frida Kahlo's life and canvases into music just as well as Lila Downs?

As the daughter of a Scottish-American filmmaker and a mixtec-Indian singer, Lila was able to move effortlessly between growing up. . .

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