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Senegal's hip-hop revolution

In 2000, Senegalese President Abdou Diouf was cast in the country's first democratic election. The peaceful revolution was well aided by the country's many thousands of rappers.

Join the Thiaroye district in Dakar. Here, well outside the city's ideological and economic center, live around four of the capital's six million inhabitants. The district grew as streams of farmers poured in from the villages in search of work in the 1960s and 70s, and here it is far between the cars, discos and shops. But this impoverished neighborhood is the center of the Senegalese hip-hop revolution, which helped tear President Abdou Diouf from power in 2000.

- Our generation was ripe for a political change, because the president never did anything for us who lived in the ghetto. Senegal is a fairly free and democratic society, where most people have access to education. But when it comes to getting a job, you pretty much have to go through friends. . .

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