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Say yes, you too

It's time to celebrate love – and give everyone an equal right to marry.

[1. June 2007] It's high season for weddings. While the cornflowers are lush, green trees and most people are dropping more and more garments in line with the sun and temperature, the blood is dripping in the veins of the Norwegians and we give in to love.

When Norwegian couples manifest their love in this way, they do not just enter into a romantic commitment to each other. They also enter into a financially binding partnership, which provides legal rights and obligations in relation to each other and as a unit to society in general. Marriage entails, among other things, the right to inherit from each other, to be taxed together, to live in unaltered residence, rights to joint children, to adopt and to marry in the church. Many of these rights are also granted to those who enter into homosexual partnerships. . .

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