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Seven days in Crimea

The picture Norwegian media consumers get of the situation in Crimea is anything but correct.


The so-called Crimean crisis started in Ukraine at the end of 2013, and was the trigger for the cooperation between Russia and Europe abruptly stopped. The West and the United States accused Russia of annexing Crimea, and from then on, Russian President Vladimir Putin adorned the front pages of Norwegian newspapers for months. The headlines indicated that Putin is the new dictator who will eventually rebuild a Russian empire. Our Western propaganda media has, by influencing the population for almost four years, made many feel a real fear of a Russian invasion of Norway.

Curtis Scaparotti, the US Commander-in-Chief of NATO in Europe, explained to the Senate in April 2016 that "all alternatives must be kept on the table" with Russia. This also includes a military solution. The official website of NATO lists arguments that will support and defend NATO's massive rearmament along it. . .

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